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    Developer & Investor Client

    Contemporary Conservation

    Do you need an architect who can enhance the value of your development project and leave you with a building you can be proud of? 

    Have you ever obtained planning permission for something you doubt is the best solution? 

    Do you want to leave a legacy with your next development project? 

    If you want more than just maximised GDV or rental yield from your next development project we can help you with that.

    We work with developers, property investors and managers to make sure that they are left in no doubt they have enacted the best project, that will have lasting value for the owners and occupiers.

    We are passionate about enhancing heritage properties, creating quality homes and designing truly sustainable developments.


    Newbuild 3bed house in Blackheath that maximises the developable envelope, taking its form from the constraints on the site.

    Our expertise in conservation and contextual based contemporary architecture will give you the best chance of success on difficult development sites and Listed buildings in need of change.

    Every successful project starts with a thorough development appraisal and feasibility study that really analyses the constraints & opportunities, and explores all the options, so that the team can assess what the best development brief should be.

    But before that we will work with the client team to establish where the lasting value for the business could be, so that you are left with more than just profit; a legacy you can be proud of.


    RIBA Competition For a Residential Development – Rural Edge of Town Site




    Site bought with permission that was unbuildable & unviable. We turned it into a profitable project that exceeded the projected GDV.




    One of the first zero carbon private homes in the UK, achieved on a site many said was undevelopable in the grounds of a Listed building.




    Zero rental voids in 6 years since we negotiated Listed Building Consent for change of use and extension.




    £1.5M added to the GDV following successful negotiation for substantially increased planning permission. 

    If you want to know more about how we can enhance the value of your development project please get in touch for an initial appraisal. We will then give you a proposal for a feasibility study. Please also scroll down to see our Value Add Promise & the E2 Guarantee. 

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    "E2's work on Grade II Listed The George and Dragon has resulted in the enhancement and preservation of one of London’s historic pubs, which was in danger of collapse."

    Scott Payne, Max Barney

    Developer Client

    Sam Cooper

    Your Value Add Promise & the E2 Guarantee:

    You will:

    • Rest assured that you have achieved the maximum value from your site.
    • Give delight to all those who experience your new property.
    • Be happy in the knowledge that you have enacted the most appropriate scheme.
    • Be confident you have achieved the best return on your investment, for you and the property.
    • Be proud you have enacted a positive and sustainable impact on the environment.
    • Have peace of mind with an accredited RIBA award winning Architect working on your project.
    • Have sophisticated contemporary architecture that inspires and works to deliver you maximum comfort.


    We guarantee:

    • E2 Director Sam Cooper will be lead consultant on your project from inception to completion.
    • We will explore all viable options for the project to ensure that you receive the return on the investment that you desire.
    • We will add lasting value to you and your asset.
    • We will agree a project programme and constantly review and report against it.
    • We will respond to all communication within 24hrs in the working week.
    • Our entire team will be dedicated to delivering complete customer satisfaction.
    • You will be delighted with the result.


    We can’t guarantee the result of any planning application, but we can guarantee that we will use our skill, care and expertise to give you the best chance of success in what you aspire to.

    Sam Cooper


    "This was a difficult project with high levels of complexity, E2 found the best solution and delivered it with aplomb. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and look forward to working with them again."

    Graham Perkins

    Developer Client

    Need an architect who can enhance the value of your development project?

    Ever obtained planning for something you doubt is the best solution? 

    Do you want to leave a legacy with your next development project?

    Do you want a building you can be proud of? 

    We can help you with that.

    Request a call to discuss your next project.

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      By clicking ‘send’ you agree to E2 Architecture and Interiors Ltd storing and using the information above as set out in their Privacy Policy